OfficeMax letter, 'Daughter killed in crash': Family outraged after receiving package

A Chicago-area family is outraged and re-living their daughter's death all over again after they received a letter from OfficeMax that read "Daughter killed in car crash" as part of the address.

Mike Seay lost his 17-year-old daughter Ashley in a horrible car crash on a stormy night less than a year ago.

"Ten-thousand times a day you think of them, no matter what you're doing," Seay said. "But if you keep busy, it seems to help you get through it."

He said he and his wife were punched in the gut again receiving a letter, apparently from OfficeMax.

"It says ‘Mike Seay, daughter killed in car crash, or current business' and this is my home. Why would they have that kind of information? Why would they need that? What purpose does it serve anybody to know that?" Seay asked "How do they use it and what do they use it for?"

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Shocked and unsure of what to do, he went on Facebook asking friends and family how best to handle it and he decided to contact the call center.

"The manager told her that it was virtually impossible, that it can't happen," Seay said.

OfficeMax has since apologized. The company says the mailing list came from a third party provider.

Courtesy: NBC News