Obama's gun control announcement Wednesday may be controversial

PALM BEACH COUNTY, Fla. - If President Barack Obama hands down executive orders on the domestic policy issue of gun control, it will be controversial.

President of Northwood University, Tom Duncan, PhD., is a former political science teacher who has worked with the Governor of Missouri.  He says some executive orders would be challenged by Congressional members in court.

"Saying that the President was exceeding his authority to act, especially, I think, some Congress people probably would jump in and say, the President is exceeding his authority to act in a particular way," he said.

Duncan says, many executive orders would require financing.  If President Obama considers options like prohibition of high-capacity magazine clips or more stringent background checks, he will need lawmakers to approve funding.

"The Republicans in the House probably wouldn't provide such funding so it might be sort of an empty executive order in some ways," Duncan said.

Duncan says President Obama faces opposition from not only Republicans who oppose his suggestions, but also some Democrats who are up for re-election in conservative states.

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