No bail for 'divine healing' father charged with murder of two sons

2 boys died from untreated pneumonia

PHILADELPHIA (AP) -- A Philadelphia man charged with murder after losing two sons to untreated pneumonia told police he believes in "divine healing," not medicine, to "break the devil's power."


Herbert and Catherine Schaible (SHY'-bul) were ordered held without bail Friday on third-degree murder charges in the April death of their 8-month-old son, Brandon.


The Schaibles had been required to get their children medical care as part of their probation in the 2009 death of 2-year-old Kent. They are both third-generation members of First Century Gospel Church.


Former college professor Vincent Bertolini was the jury foreman from their earlier case, when they were convicted of involuntary manslaughter.


Bertolini expected city officials to closely monitor the family afterward. But he admits the family can't be watched 24 hours a day.


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A Philadelphia judge has ordered that a couple who believe in faith healing over medicine be held without bail on third-degree murder charges in the April death of their 8-month-old son.


Herbert and Catherine Schaible (SHY'-bul) are charged in the death of their baby, Brandon. They'd been convicted of involuntary manslaughter after another child, 2-year-old Kent, died in 2009. Prosecutors say they prayed over Brandon for two weeks before he died, and never called a doctor.


At a bail hearing Friday, Common Pleas Judge Benjamin Lerner ordered them held without bail. He says they're a flight risk because there could be a community of like-minded people around the world who might harbor them.


The couple's attorney says they've never missed a court date and surrendered willingly. Their seven surviving children are in foster care.

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