New York City high-rise fire has critically injured two people, according to NYFD

NEW YORK (CNN) -- A three-alarm highrise fire in New York City on Sunday has critically injured two people, according to the New York Fire Department.

Fire crews have yet to control the blaze that began on the 20th floor of a Midtown Manhattan highrise, according to FDNY spokesman Danny Glover.

Witness video obtained by CNN showed flames pouring out of the building and a large plume of black and white smoke rising into the sky.

Glover confirmed there are still people inside the building, but it is unclear if they are trapped. He said there is a significant amount of smoke inside the building, and fire fighters are working to control the situation.

According to Glover, the two injured are both male and were transported to nearby hospitals.

FDNY received a call at approximately 11 a.m. alerting them to the fire.

Written and reported by Haimy Assefa and Chris Welch in New York City and Mayra Cuevas in Atlanta

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