Naval Air Station Kingsville chase, fatal crash: 6 undocumented immigrants killed

— Six undocumented immigrants were killed in a fatal crash Wednesday night at the Naval Air Station Kingsville.

The crash happened after 11 p.m., when a 1996 GMC Sierra pickup entered the naval station from General Cavazos Boulevard and hit a protective barrier, Texas Department of Public Safety officials said.

"There were 10 people in crew cab and five in the back, said Jon Gagne, public affairs officer with Naval Air Station Kingsville.

The truck passed a guard at the first checkpoint at a high speed, Gagne said.

"When the truck passed the guard at a high speed, he then alerted the guard at the second checkpoint to deploy the protective barriers to prevent the truck from accessing the base," Gagne said "The truck plowed right into it."

Emergency responders had to use an extraction device to free the 10 people from inside the truck, Gagne said.

Officials with HALO-Flight said they took two men to Christus Spohn Hospital Memorial. One man had a laceration on his head and the other man had multiple traumas, officials said.

DPS officials said nine people were taken to area hospitals and some had critical injuries.

Gagne said the naval station is rerouting all traffic to the Caesar Road entrance until further notice.


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