Nathan Campbell: Venice Beach Boardwalk hit-and-run suspect identified

A driver crashed into a crowd of people on California's Venice Beach boardwalk, killing one and injuring 11 others.

Surveillance video taken from a nearby restaurant shows the suspect's car plowing into people and swerving around barriers.

"He just drove and took that left turn down the center of the boardwalk and just started driving, and bodies were scattering and bodies were flying in the air. And people were screaming, and it was absolute mayhem," said witness Dave Blackburn.

A second camera angle shows the driver getting out of his car, apparently casing the popular boardwalk.
He gets back into the sedan and floors it.

"He had to have pressed his foot to the gas... his gas pedal to the metal, because his tires started screeching. I saw him, and he was looking for blood. That guy's intention was to kill people," said witness Landon Blackburn.

An Italian tourist on her honeymoon was killed and 11 others injured in a scene a quarter-mile long.
The suspect is 38-year-old Nathan Campbell of Los Angeles.

Just two hours after this horrifying hit-and-run, Campbell surrendered to police in neighboring Santa Monica. Authorities say he told them, "I think you are looking for me."

The woman killed is Alice Gruppioni -- 32 years old from Bologna, Italy.

The Italian consulate says Gruppioni and her husband Cristian Cascade were married July 20th and that the new groom was by her side at the accident and tried to pull his wife away from the speeding car.

Officials say Alice Gruppioni is the daughter of Valerio Gruppioni, a well-known entrepreneur from Bologna.
If there is a motive in this carnage, police aren't saying right now, but they did say that Campbell was bent on evil.