Matt Lemire: High school in Manchester, N.H., shave heads to support student with cancer

MANCHESTER, N.H. - Dozens of students at a high school in New Hampshire volunteer for an extreme make-over in support of a classmate battling cancer.

Students at Trinity High School went under the razor, their way of showing a fellow classmate how much they cared.

They had the idea that they would shave their heads if their classmate, Matt Lemire, started losing his hair.
Lemire underwent chemotherapy after learning he had cancer in November.

"A lot of people got really down about it, but he always had a positive spirit and it brought everyone else up too," said sophomore Richard Brewitt.

Lemire was out of school up until last week, but when he returned, many of his classmates showed up with the heads shaved.

"It's overwhelming, it's great. I kind of like that feeling," said Lemire.

In all 39 heads were shaved -- eight adults and 31 students.

"You always tell people If there is anything I can do - let me know - and I think the kids got on board with it - maybe if this just makes Mattie feel a little bit better let's do it - and it just became contagious," said Dean of Students Patrick Smith.

While many who shaved their head were Lemire's friends, some he doesn't even know.

"It makes me feel loved, makes me feel special, feel good that I go to school here and have all these friends to help me out," said Lemire.

"We couldn't believe it at first.  We were shocked, but we told him we would be there with him every step of the way," said senior Carmen Giampetruzzi

On Wednesday, Lemire got the news that he was cancer free.

"I just tried not to think about anything bad happening. I tried to think about all the good things... be positive about everything," said Lemire.

Courtesy: WMUR, CNN Newsource