Kadizyah Waddy: Virginia teenager forced to stand on public street with sign apologizing to parents

 (WWBT) A 16-year-old Manchester High School student found herself at a busy Chesterfield intersection Wednesday, holding a sign to tell the world that she was in big trouble.

It's a sight that prompted over a thousand comments on Facebook and Twitter, all questioning if this education or just humiliation.

Kadizyah Waddy stood at the corner of Hull and Turner Road, with a sign that read: "I disrespected my parents and I'm ashamed of myself. Mom & dad, please forgive me."

With a lump in her throat, and tears in her eyes, Kadizyah shared her feelings about this clearly humiliating punishment.

"It hurts, especially when you do a lot for them," Kadizyah said. "You do everything for them."

This tough love isn't easy on mom either. She knows her daughter is embarrassed, but she was given a choice to either lose some of the perks & freedoms she's come to enjoy, or this.

"She can either show that she's sorry for what she did, or she gonna suffer the consequences, and not get anything," Kadizyah's mom said.

As for Kadizyah, she has 4 more days of this, taking 30 minutes each day. On the plus side, there's been no swearing.