Jodi Arias trial live video stream: St. Louis woman creates 'Justice for Travis' necklace

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PHOENIX - A St. Louis woman has created a "Justice for Travis" necklace, after she started watching the Jodi Arias trial, that is selling out online.

"My husband was an LDS mission companion with Travis," said Heidi Tucker. "We heard about his death and wanted to do something."

Travis Alexander was killed in 2008 by his lover, Jodi Arias. Arias admits to killing Alexander, but insists it was self-defense.

The necklace sells for $28.50 and Tucker said $10 of every sale is donated to the Alexander family.

"We have raised $1,000 in the past week," she said.

Tucker said she has had to work more than 12 hours a day to fulfill the demand from around the world.

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