Jodi Arias trial live video stream: Prosecution rests in murder trial, defense to make case soon

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PHOENIX - The prosecution rested its case against accused murderer Jodi Arias Thursday, but not before some last minute fireworks.

On day nine of the trial, Prosecutor Juan Martinez called Arias' friend Leslie Udy to testify.

Udy told jurors she saw Arias in Utah the night of June 5, 2008, after Arias had driven through the night to meet up with Ryan Burns.

That was a day after Arias' boyfriend Travis Alexander was brutally stabbed 27 times, had his throat slashed and was shot in the head.

"She was acting like Jodi, the same Jodi I always talked to and knew," said Udy.

Udy also told jurors that Arias said she and Alexander were no longer together, "I do remember her saying that although they had broken up and would no longer be together anymore, that they would be best friends."

Udy added that Arias said she and Alexander even joked that someday they would meet up and their children would play together.

Days later, Udy testified Arias called her to break the news Alexander had been murdered.

"She couldn't imagine why someone would do that to Travis, and how could they do something like that to Travis. He was such a wonderful person and why would anybody do that to him," said Udy.

Under cross examination by Defense Attorney Kirk Nurmi, Udy described the Arias she knew as soft spoken and gentle.

"So that person that I knew ... I couldn't imagine could have done something like that," said Udy.

Prosecutor Juan Martinez didn't like that statement and showed Udy nude photos of Jodi Arias spread out on Alexander's bed.

"You gave us your impression of who she was right?" said Martinez

"Yes," replied Udy

"Well let me show you some photographs. Do you know anything about that aspect of her life?" slammed Martinez

"No," said Udy.

The defense will begin to present its case on January 29, 2013.

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