Jodi Arias trial live video stream: Prosecution continues to unravel Arias' alleged 'web of lies'

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PHOENIX - Day five of the Jodi Arias trial included testimony from two police detectives.

Arias is accused of stabbing her former boyfriend Travis Alexander 27 times, cutting his throat and shooting him in the head in his Mesa home.

First to testify was Nathan Mendez, a Special Agent with the U.S. Dept of the Interior, who was a Siskiyou County Sheriff's Detective when Arias was arrested.

Mendez conducted the search of Arias' grandparents' home in Yreka, CA where Arias was living at the time of Alexander's death.

Mendez testified over the trail of credit card receipts showing Arias' whereabouts on her trip from California to Utah after Alexander's death. There are no receipts from Arizona.

During cross examination of Mendez, Arias' attorney Kirk Nurmi brought up that if she paid cash for items, there would be not receipts.

Prosecutor Juan Martinez also worked at exposing Arias' web of lies.

When Arias' date Ryan Burns asked about the cut on her hands after Alexander was killed, Arias told him she broke a glass while working at Margaritaville and cut her hand.

Prosecutor Juan Martinez: "Where was she working?"

Mendez: "At Casa Ramos."

Martinez: "Casa Ramos, what town is that in?"

Mendez: "There's several of them, at least two in the county and one of them was located in Yreka."

Martinez: "Has Casa Ramos ever been known as Margaritaville?"

Mendez: "No Sir."

Prosecutor Martinez also called Mesa Police Detective Estaban Flores back to testify about excerpts from his phone conversation with Arias.

Martinez asked Flores if he had ever watched an interview Arias did with "Inside Edition." He replied yes. This is the interview where Arias claimed no jury will convict her. 

Here is an excerpt from that interview that was played in court:

Arias: "All of the evidence against me right now is very compelling."

Inside Edition reporter: "What really happened in there?"

Arias: "In a nutshell, two people took Travis' life, two monsters."

Inside Edition reporter: "You did not shoot Travis?"

Arias: "No, I've never even shot a real gun."

Inside Edition reporter: "You did not stab him 27 times?"

Arias: "That's heinous, I would never.."

Inside Edition reporter: "Or slit his throat from ear to ear?"

Arias: "I can't imagine slitting anyone's throat."

During cross examination, Nurmi questioned Flores about discrepancies in his and Medical Examiner Kevin Horn's testimony.

Specifically, whether the two had talked about the sequence of events around Alexander's death, and whether Alexander was shot first or last.

In 2009, Flores testified that Alexander was shot first. But Horn testified Alexander was possibly shot last.

Det. Flores: "The sequencing was not that important, in this case at that time."

Defense Atty. Nurmi: "So you felt it wasn't all that important to give accurate testimony in court in prior proceedings is that what you're telling me?"

Flores: "No...that's not what I'm saying."

Nurmi: "Did you make any attempts to correct the mistaken testimony you gave in 2009?"

Flores: "No because I spoke the truth and to what I believed at that time."

Nurmi: "But it was inaccurate?"

Flores: "It was not inaccurate was mistaken."

Flores also testified that he spoke with Dr. Horn briefly about the sequence of injuries the day before his 2009 testimony, but Dr. Horn testified the two never spoke about the sequencing.

The sequencing is important because the defense is trying to prove Arias had no choice but to kill in self defense.

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