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PHOENIX - After an 11-day break, the trial of accused murderer Jodi Arias resumed Tuesday.

Her defense team began laying out its case of an abused woman forced to kill in self-defense.

Her team is trying to paint a story where Arias is the true victim, and Travis Alexander is the villain.

Alexander was found dead with 27 stab wounds, his throat slashed and a gunshot wound to his head.

Arias admits to killing Alexander, but claims it was in self-defense.

Defense Attorney Kirk Nurmi called his first two witnesses.

The first, Gus Searcy, claimed to have information that would blow the prosecution's case against Arias.

He revealed that Arias stayed with him and was shaken and upset after talking on the phone with Alexander, her former boyfriend.

Searcy then testified about Arias' character.

"She was always dressed very feminine, but conservative. Long sleeves, long dresses, nothing provocative," testified Searcy.

Searcy also testified that Arias did not act sexual at work and never hit on him.

The most compelling testimony came from Arias' former boyfriend Darryl Brewer.

Brewer told jurors he and Arias dated for four years, eventually purchasing a home in Palm Desert, California together.

Brewer testified Arias was "outstanding" and had a close relationship with his son from a former marriage.

Brewer said his relationship with Arias fizzled in fall of 2006. Arias was beginning to explore the Mormon religion.

"I saw a lot of changes in Jodi. She became a bit of a different person than I had known previously," testified Brewer.

About that time Brewer also stated that he and Arias stopped being intimate. "Jodi told me she was saving herself for a husband," he said.

Nurmi then got personal with Brewer, asking if sex with Arias ever included little boys underwear, dressing Arias in little girl costumes and performing various sexual acts with her.

Brewer said "No" to each question.

Under cross examination, County Prosecutor Juan Martinez also went over sexual positions Brewer performed with Arias as a way to show her active sex life with Alexander wasn't unusual for her.

Brewer did testify they both were aggressive with each other.

Martinez also asked Brewer if he recalled a phone call where Arias asked him to get her gas cans for a trip to Arizona.

Brewer reluctantly whispered, "Yes."

Brewer provided two five-gallon gas cans to Arias on June 3, 2008, the day before Alexander was killed.

Martinez then showed the jurors gas receipts showing how much gas Arias had in and loaded on her rental car, enough to travel over 700 miles.

Martinez is trying to show jurors Arias had intent and planned to murder Alexander as opposed to killing him in self-defense.

Meanwhile, the court is standing room only , as court watchers flock to get an up-close glimpse of Arias and hear testimony firsthand.

Many were turned away, after the courtroom filled up.

Trial resumes at 10:30 a.m. Wednesday morning.

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