Jodi Arias trial live video stream: Jury questions cast doubt in Arias murder case, watch live video

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PHOENIX - In a videotaped police interview, accused killer Jodi Arias tells a Mesa police detective if she had killed Travis Alexander, she would've been more humane.

Arias is accused of killing her former boyfriend by stabbing him 27 times, slashing his throat and shooting him in the head.

On day eight of testimony, jurors saw more of the videotaped interview between Detective Estaban Flores and Arias after her arrest.

In the videotape, Flores is getting tired of Arias' persistence that she did not kill Alexander, despite the evidence placing her in the home on the day of the killing.

"You know I'm not the brightest person, but I don't think I could stab him. I would have to shoot him continuously .... until he was ... dead. If that were my intention, and again I bring up the gloves again, I would have to wear gloves. I mean I'm not too worried about prints, (inaudible). But .... I would never stab him," Arias told Flores.

Flores told her he didn't believe her, he knew she did it, in which Arias argues she didn't have a motive to hurt Alexander.

"I wasn't jealous of anything, I was a little bit, I mean he was going to Cancun, but that wasn't the reason," said Arias.

Prosecutors said in opening statements two weeks ago that Alexander was taking another woman to Cancun.

Jurors also heard testimony from rental car company owner Raphael Colombo, who rented Arias the car she drove from Arizona to Utah to see another man.

Colombo testified when Arias returned the car, it was missing the floor mats and more.

"There were stains in the back seat … like Kool-Aid," said Colombo.

"How about anything in the front seat areas? Did you notice anything there?" questioned Maricopa County Prosecutor Juan Martinez.

"I did," replied Colombo.

"What did you notice?" pressed Martinez.

"The same Kool-Aid stain," Colombo said.

"Which seat had the Kool-Aid stains?" asked Martinez.

"The passenger, the back seat and middle," said Colombo.

But, jurors had questions for Flores about his investigation.  

"Was the gun that was used to kill Mr. Alexander found in Ms. Arias' possession?" asked one juror.

"No, it was not," Flores said.

Jurors also asked Flores why police never searched Alexander's old BMW for the knife and gun used to kill him.

Next, the prosecution could call to the stand the woman Alexander was dating while he was having sex with Arias.

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