Jodi Arias trial live video stream: Daniel Freeman testimony continues today in murder trial

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PHOENIX - On Thursday, the Jodi Arias trial stopped and the courtroom was cleared while attorneys argued over whether to allow more sexually explicit evidence into court.

Court officials are keeping a tight lip over what the evidence is.

Arias is accused of stabbing her ex-boyfriend Travis Alexander 27 times, cutting his throat and shooting him in the head after an afternoon of sex.

The trial wrapped up its fifth week of testimony with a close friend of both Arias and Alexander and a forensic computer expert.

The defense team called Daniel Freeman to testify about two trips he took with both Arias and Alexander.

Freeman lived with Alexander in 2007 and called Arias to inform her that Alexander had been killed.

Freeman said Arias was quiet at first, but then became emotional.

When asked by Prosecutor Juan Martinez if Arias ever admitted to him that she was the one that killed Alexander, Freeman replied, "No."

Freeman said on the group's first trip to the Grand Canyon, they stopped in Sedona to eat.

According to Freeman, Alexander flirted with the waitress in front of Arias.

"He made a joking comment to the waitress about him and Jodi not dating ... in kind of a flirtatious manner. I didn't know how to take it. I just smiled and moved on. It wasn't any of my business," Freeman said.

On a second hiking trip, Freeman told jurors tension was thick between Arias and Alexander.

Arias' backpack was too heavy, so both Freeman and Alexander emptied makeup, brushes and hair products to lighten the load.

Freeman said Arias became upset and ran upstairs with Alexander close behind.

Freeman described how the two barely talked to each other on the road trip and argued while hiking.

Under cross examination, Martinez pointed out that Alexander didn't want to be alone with Arias.

Freeman agreed and said Alexander would ask him to chaperone trips because it would prevent him and Arias from being physical with each other.

After Freeman, the defense called Lonnie Dworkin, a computer forensic expert, to testify.

Freeman pulled information from Alexander's hard drive.

It showed another female logged on to Alexander's computer shortly after 4 a.m. on June 4, 2008, the same day Alexander was killed.

Freeman will continue his testimony when the trial resumes on Monday at 10:30 a.m.