Janya Lilly co-captains middle school boys' basketball team at Baltimore's Hampstead Hill Academy

BALTIMORE, Md. - A middle school girl is inspiring students and adults alike as the co-captain of the boys' basketball team at her school.

Janya Lilly, 13, from Baltimore is teaching those around her a lesson in self-confidence.

There are 709 students at Hampstead Hill Academy but only one girl who plays on the boys' basketball team.

"They don't treat me different at all. They treat me like one of the guys," said Lilly.

The seventh-grader is also point guard and co-captain.

"She is one of the best players on the team. She's also one of the most liked people and she's a leader," said coach Jason Wheatley.

Off the court, she has a 3.8 GPA and a very proud mom.

"I'm very proud. I don't think she ever would know how proud I am of her," said mom Tonya Hawthorne.

"I think the biggest thing about Janya is she's fearless, which makes a great athlete," said Wheatley.

This is a kid with goals.

"I want to go to the WNBA, play professional, be a lawyer, do what I love to do," said Lilly.

She's already crossed "teach the adults in her life a lesson" off of that list.

Courtesy: WBAL, CNN Newsource