Immigration, border security vote live streaming video: Senate debates, votes Monday


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WASHINGTON (CNN) -- As the Senate prepares for a crucial week in the immigration debate and a possible final vote on the comprehensive reform bill, the Chamber of Commerce is using some of the opponents' language in a seven-figure ad campaign to instead push for its passage.

In a new national television ad as well as in radio commercials, the chamber is emphasizing how some leading conservatives are supporting the bill, which includes enhanced border security and an eventual path to citizenship for those already in the country illegally if they meet certain conditions.

Opponents call that amnesty.

The new ad uses clips of Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Florida, one of the architects of the Senate bill and a leading conservative voice in the Republican Party. In it, Rubio argues that allowing the estimated 11 million illegal immigrants to just stay and not deal with the problem is in itself amnesty.

"What we have today is chaos. We have de facto amnesty," Rubio says in one previous clip. He argues in another: "We all wish we didn't have this problem but leaving it the way it is, it's amnesty. We have to solve this problem"

Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wisconsin, who also supports the comprehensive immigration concept, says in the spot: "We have to invite people to come out of the shadows."

The commercial also uses an old clip of Sen. Rand Paul, R-Kentucky, saying, "Let's secure our borders, welcome our new neighbors and practice the values of freedom and family."

However, Paul told CNN's "State of the Union" on Sunday he would vote no on the bill because it doesn't include a provision he pushed that would grant Congress the power to determine whether the U.S. border with Mexico is secure.

"We've thrown a lot of money at a lot problems in our country," Paul said. "To me, what really tells me that they're serious would be letting Congress vote on whether the border is secure. If the people in the country want to be assured that we will not get another 10 million people to come here illegally over the next decade, they have to believe they get a vote through their Congress."

The new ad, which airs on national cable as well as on radio stations across the country, is set to start Monday -- the same day the Senate is scheduled to vote on an amendment to the Senate bill. That amendment would dramatically increase security by doubling the number of Border Patrol agents as well as money to complete 700 miles fence. Chamber officials say this new commercial, which does not mention this specific amendment, is the next phase in their yearlong effort to push immigration reform.

While some leading conservative Republicans in the Senate and the House as well as other groups on the right are vehemently opposed to any measure that includes possible citizenship for illegal immigrants, the Chamber of Commerce is trying to build support by emphasizing how immigration reform is a conservative value.

"Call Congress. End de facto amnesty. Create jobs and economic growth by supporting conservative immigration reforms," the announcer says in the new commercial.

This new ad is the latest from the chamber, which has been a strong proponent for immigration reform, partly because it will increase the number of visas for high-tech and low-skilled workers

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