Illahee Middle School student starts anti-bullying campaign

(KING) On a typical Tuesday at Illahee Middle School in Federal Way, Washington students aren't just running to their next class. Many of them are running from something, or someone, who makes them feel bad.

Kajmere Houchins is tired of it.

"It's ridiculous. It's all because of bullying," she said.

Houchins is intent on stopping it, starting with a school assembly she led Tuesday.

"I was bullied because I'm short. I was bullied because my parents are gay," said Houchins.

The 14-year-old has started a petition to give students a bigger voice on anti-bullying policies that go beyond middle school. And when Houchins speaks, people listen. Because more than most of us, this 14-year-old knows how to fight back and win.

"Having cancer, it prepared me for life," said Houchins.

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