Hawaii goat theft: Duct tape used to steal 23 goats, says farmer

HONOLULU (AP) -- More than 20 goats were stolen from a Hawaii farm, and the owner says the thieves used Duct tape to keep the animals from making noise.

Farmer Keal Pontin says most of the 23 goats were pregnant and 10 of them were days away from giving birth. He says the goats were taken sometime between Thursday and Friday morning from his farm in Kahuku, on Oahu's North Shore. The goats were apparently thrown over a 6-foot fence.

The missing goats are valued at about $10,000.

Pontin says that ever since KHON-TV first reported the thefts, he's hearing that they're being cheaply sold.

Police are investigating, and Pontin is offering a reward.

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