Hannah Anderson Today Show interview video: He handcuffed her hands and tied up her feet, she says

SAN DIEGO - Kidnapping survivor Hannah Anderson posted photos of herself and a friend on Instagram, clowning around in New York while there this week to tape a network television interview.

The San Diego-area teenager tells a frightening tale.

"He handcuffed me and zip-tied my feet and then sat me down on the couch and told me what his plan was," she said in an interview with the Today show.

The plan was to help him carry his backpacks to Idaho, but that is where James DiMaggio was eventually tracked down by law enforcement and shot to death by an FBI sharpshooter.

DiMaggio had told her that her mother and brother were still alive in their home when in reality he had rigged the house to explode and burn. They both died.

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Anderson said he forced her to play Russian roulette with him.

 "And when it was my turn, I started crying and, like, was freaking out. And he said, 'Do you want to play?' and I said, 'No.' And I started crying and then he's like, 'OK' and he stopped," she said during the interview.

It has been two months since the ordeal. Tuesday would have been her brother Ethan's 9th birthday.

She described herself as "shocked, sick, and angry" about the man their family used to call "Uncle Jim."

Anderson posted more photos, including at the airport and a photo of her brother with the message, "I love you, Ethan. There's not a day I don't go without missing you."

The autopsy on DiMaggio revealed that he died of six gunshot wounds fired by FBI weapons. There was no evidence of any self-inflicted wounds.

"The more she talks, the more her story seems to change," said Chelsea Hoffman, the author of "River of No Return," a book about the Anderson kidnapping case.

Hoffman is casting doubt on the details Anderson is revealing about her three days with her kidnapper, Dimaggio.

"She alluded to the idea that she didn't remember at any point getting in the car she didn't remember what happened," she said. "She told the public that he drugged her."

Hoffman added, "He supposedly had a rifle. There's been no mention of him having a handgun and you need a revolver to play Russian roulette."

The true crime author says she has never heard of a victim going through as much trauma as Anderson taking to social media, posting photos of herself and answering all kinds of questions on sites like Ask.fm.

"I can't even name one who is as cheerful as she is, as outgoing and seems oblivious to the idea that this is her reality now," said Hoffman.


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