Opponents of California transgender law collect signatures to repeal law

Group collects 620,000 signatures

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) -- Opponents of a new California law that gives transgender students certain rights say they have collected enough signatures for an initiative that would repeal the law.

Frank Schubert, the political strategist handling the signature gathering effort for conservative groups, said Sunday that the group submitted 620,000 signatures to get the initiative on the November 2014 ballot. To qualify, at least 505,000 valid signatures must be submitted.

California is the first state to pass a law detailing the rights of transgender K-12 students. One of the provisions gives transgender students the choice of playing on either boys or girls sports teams.

Gov. Jerry Brown signed the law, AB1266, in September.

The goal of the law is to reduce discrimination against transgender students. But opponents argue the law violates the privacy of non-transgender students.

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