Gerald Weston Green video: Drives truck up the steps of Utah's state capitol

A Utah man drove up several flights of stairs to the state capitol door and then tried to break into the historic Supreme Court chambers.

Security footage captured the bizarre incident.

The highway patrol says the suspect came off Columbus and main and drove his green Toyota Tacoma up three flights of stairs before parking right next to the capitol.

Capt. Barton Blair of the Utah highway patrol said, "We have cameras around the exterior of the capitol.  We saw the vehicle come up on the camera on the west steps and sent our troopers to this area to interdict him."

Troopers say they responded in second but the suspect walked-in like nothing happened and managing to get to the east side of the building on the third floor before troopers confronted him outside a secured area, the historic supreme court chambers.

Investigators say the suspect kicked the 100-year-old doors, trying to break in.

"He made the comment that this was his house and he had the right to be here," Capt. Blair said.

A secretary in the attorney general's office heard the commotion.

"there was some screaming, loud noises and she thought there was a gun shot at first and realized it was a taser,"said Ryan Bruckman, an employee of the Utah Attorney General's office.

When a taser didn't take down the suspect, troopers tackled him.

"We're investigating why he came into the building and what his motives were. Right now we don't know," Capt. Blair said.

Investigators say the suspect wasn't armed but since cops haven't searched the pick-up, it's unclear if there were weapons in the vehicle, which was parked right underneath the governor's office.   Capitol security says it'll review the incident and may place large rod iron posts or concrete planters on the west side stairs to prevent vehicles from getting so close to the state's headquarters.

"I'm sure that's something we'll look at in order to preserve both the openness of the building as well as protecting the people inside," Capt. Blair said.

The suspect was identified as 36-year-old Gerald Weston Green.

Authorities say green was never on capitol security's radar and investigators don't think he intended  to hurt anyone.

Still, he managed to drive up three tiers of stairs and attack a state trooper before his arrest.