George Zimmerman Trial: Legal fate now in the hands of a Sanford jury

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The sun sank in the late Friday sky but voices rose outside the Seminole County Criminal Justice Complex--both for and against George Zimmerman.

The legal fate of the former neighborhood watch volunteer is now in the hands of a Sanford jury.  His lawyers said in their closing argument that the law gave their client the right to shoot Trayvon Martin in self defense last year. A suspicious Zimmerman followed Martin that fateful night but claimed the teenager then attacked him.

Defense attorney Mark O' Mara told jurors, "It is more important the innocent be protected than the guilty punished. He's (Zimmerman) not guilty of anything."

Not so said prosecutors in a second degree murder trial in which they claim Zimmerman profiled Martin without cause. Assistant state attorney John Guy told jurors, "That child had every right to be afraid of a strange man following him."

The Sanford area community, the state, and the nation look on. Seminole County Sheriff Donald Eslinger said his office is not seeing tension in the community but added, "We will not tolerate anyone who uses this verdict as an excuse to violate the law."

Jurors pick up deliberations again Saturday while the debate over how justice should be defined in this case continues.

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