George Takei leads chicken dance, serves as grand marshal of Cincinnati's Oktoberfest-Zinzinnati

Actor George Takei strutted his stuff on stage leading the crowd in performing the "chicken dance" at an annual Cincinnati festival on Saturday.

Takei served as the grand marshal of the city's annual Oktoberfest-Zinzinnati festival and performed with the Cincinnati Pops Orchestra.

Before the concert, Takei took the stage and joined a small group of people performing the silly dance.

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"I knew nothing about the chicken dance. In fact, they didn't even tell me about the chicken dance when they asked me to be grand marshal of the Oktoberfest. What I did ask them was, 'isn't Oktoberfest a German festival?' I'm an Angelino from Los Angeles of Japanese-American heritage and they said 'Well, we love you and we want you' and I said 'alright, for love I'll do it' and then they told me that one of the important duties of the grand marshal is to lead all of Cincinnati in the chicken dance. I had no idea what that was."

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Takei is, of course, best known for his portrayal of Mr. Sulu on the original Star Trek series.

He is also a regular player on the Howard Stern show, appearing several times a year serving as the show's announcer.

"What's this thing you're doing, the world's largest chicken dance, that sounds beneath you?", Stern asked on September 10th during Takei's appearance on the Howard Stern Show. "Oh isn't that silly?", Takei responded. "Well I'm narrating a concert with the Cincinnati symphony," Takei began to explain when Stern interjected, joking, "that sounds horrible too."

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