Free falling into love: 'The Bachelor' episode 2

Helicopters, free falling, dress-up and pranking; season 17 of ‘The Bachelor' continued Monday night.

The show opened with Sean Lowe lifting weights and showering, because why wouldn't it? After the last few seasons, it's surprising producers took this long to tape him without a shirt on.

In hopes of making up for the shallow shirtless opener, Chris Harrison said to the ladies, "Sean is fantastic, probably the most sincere bachelor we've ever had on the show. I see this working for him, which means at the end I truly believe he will get down on one knee and propose to one of you."

In this episode, we dive into a world of drama as the dates began.

The first date card arrived at the house and Sarah was pleasantly surprised when her name was announced.

"Are you ready to fall in love today?" the card read.

"I'm so excited to go on my date with Sean. Being different physically and having one arm makes me different but who I am on the inside is what's important," Sarah said. "Just because I have one arm doesn't mean we have to stop having fun and I don't think Sean will treat me differently at all."

In true bachelor fashion, a helicopter arrived at the house and swept Sarah away to a mysterious destination.

Sean and Sarah arrive on the rooftop of a high building and Sean informs her that they will be free falling 300 feet to the bottom.

What says love like possibly peeing your pants in mid-air? Definitely a bonding experience.

After the horrifying date, Sarah talked about an experience she had while in Las Vegas with her father. She spoke about how she wanted to go zip lining and after already being strapped in for the experience, a employee came up and told her that the law didn't allow people with a disability to zip line.

"I was upset because someone was telling me I couldn't do something that I clearly knew I could do," she said. It was really frustrating and crushing to hear that I couldn't."

She said her dad told her after that experience that she would need to find a guy who would be strong enough to go through moments in life like that with her.

Sean takes Sarah to the rooftop and asks her to accept a rose. "Sarah has blown away my expectations," he said. "To have those butterflies and want that first kiss so badly is such an exciting feeling."

Sean's excitement was cured when he bent down for a kiss (awwww!).

"I feel like I'm falling in love with Sean," Sarah gushed. After one date ... this can't end well.

Meanwhile, back at the bachelor house, the group date card arrives to the excitement of the rest of the ladies.

"Lets capture the romance," read the card.

Kristy, Amanda, Brooke, Lesley M., Daniella, Katherine, Robyn, Katie, Selma, Diana, Taryn, Kacie and Teirra were all invited on this date. Geeeesh! How does he keep track of this many girls on one date? He must bring a cheat sheet.

The ladies arrive at a picturesque castle scene where they are told they will be performing a photo shoot for Harlequin Romance Novels. The lady with the "most chemistry" with Sean would win a modeling deal for three cover photos in upcoming books.

Kristy, a model, was very excited. Almost too excited. She couldn't wait to show Sean her questionable talent posing in front of a camera.

Lesley stuck out from the crowd, scoring the first kiss with Sean on the set.

"Lesley made a big impression on me today – I see a sexier side," Sean said.

Meanwhile, Lesley becomes aware of the eye daggers thrown at her by the other girls. Don't be jealous, ladies.

Tierra starts to show her age when she sits back and mopes for the majority of the date.

"I wouldn't mind if all the girls go home," she said. "This isn't a competition. I'm not going to let any girl stop me from getting the rose."

Wait, who forgot to tell her it is, in fact, a competition?

"I'm not here to get hurt," she said.

OK, she clearly does not know what show she is on. She may need to put down the wine.

Model Kristy keeps her word and wins the three book covers, which she seemed way more excited about than winning any affection from Sean. Who's starting to think this could be more of a career move for her than a pursuit of love? Just saying.

As Sean announces the first pool party to the girls, suddenly we all get a little more excited for the drama we know is about to unfold.

Lesley steals him away for a very dark conversation. Literally, very dark. Where were the lights? Candles? Anything?

An awkward exchanged happened when both wanted to kiss each other but neither would do it. Lesley ended up pulling Sean away later in the night and stealing a very odd kiss from him. Was difficult to watch.

His talking with Kacie left much to the imagination. Who thinks there was more between the two of them in the off-season? We will get to the bottom of this, Sean!

"Um, I'm excited that you're here, I want you to know that," Sean said unconvincingly.

Taking her out of the ‘friend-zone' and placing her in the ‘girlfriend-zone' might not be achievable.

After Kacie scares us all with her devilish laugh, Sean is thrown into a conversation with Selma in which he proclaimed, "I'm trying to find my wife, and maybe you're her."

Did I miss something? When was Selma in the running?

Moping Teirra is assured of Sean's feelings for her when he takes her aside and tells her that she made a huge impression on him and she's not going anywhere soon.

Katie pulls Sean aside and lets him know that she doesn't think the show is for her.  "I feel like I'm not adjusting very well," she said. "This is not for a lack of anything on your part. I just feel like this is not the right setting for me. I feel like I need to go home. " Sean immediately walks her out. One down.

The second date card arrives and Desiree is ecstatic that her name is read. "Love is priceless," it said.

Sean decides on pranking Desiree to see how she would handle it. He brought her to a fake art show and made her believe that she broke a $1.5 million piece of art.

She takes it like a champ and laughs it off when she finds out its all a joke.

During the course of the date, we see how comfortable the two are with each other and their similarities.

"You have every quality that I'm looking for. I'm really excited about how this is going," Sean said.

When he tries to give her a rose she pulls a prank herself by making him believe she wont accept it. In the end all is well when she takes the rose and the scene ends with the two kissing in the pool. Ick.

The cocktail party begins and the drama starts to unfold. Amanda was sitting alone not responding to anyone that tried to talk to her.

Teirra was whining so much we all lost track of why.

The only conversation that stuck out was when Robyn sat down with Sean to talk about his taste in women.

"I'm not sure Sean is attracted to black females," Robyn said.

"Physically I don't have a type. I want someone sweet and intelligent and someone who likes to have a good time," Sean said. "It doesn't matter what they look like. I've dated everybody — Hispanic, Persian. My last girlfriend was black. I don't really have a criteria, it's the woman that matters."

While the girls line up for the rose ceremony, Kacie, Sarah and Desiree breathe a sigh of relief with their roses in hand.

Sean calls out every name except for Diana and Brooke.

"It was not what I expected. Sean is a great guy but he's not the guy for me. Love wasn't here, it just wasn't," she said in her goodbye.

"I just didn't think it was right to keep you from your girls," Sean said to Diana.

And with that, two girls made their way back home.

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