Frank Diaz: Trash collector has a big impact on a young boy with autism

Every day, Frank Diaz, a Fresno City garbage man loads into his truck, drives through neighborhoods and picks up trash with pride.

It's his job, his livelihood, and his passion.

But little did Frank know that his work carried an incredible impact.

His day's duties became a weekly treat with extraordinary bearing on one family.

Every Wednesday afternoon, four-year-old Greyson Kelly runs down his driveway and waits patiently for Frank to come by.

The roar of his truck sparks excitement.

Greyson can hardly contain himself.

It's his way of communicating, something that often doesn't come easy.

Chrissy Kelly, Greyson's mom says, "you see the way he reacts. He lights up, his entire body feels joy."

Greyson has autism.

He doesn't talk much and his parents struggle to get inside his head.

But Frank, and his big shiny truck, broke into the little boy's world.

Chrissy Kelly continues, "He heard it and said ‘I  want truck', and I was blown away that not only did he hear, and process, but he said three words to me."

This has been Greyson's and Chrissy's weekly routine for two years.

Recently they met the man behind the wheel.

Frank stopped his truck and invited Greyson inside.

Chrissy shared the magical moment on her blog.

Diaz says, "I honestly didn't know that I made such an impact on him and it touched my heart."

It's a simple act of kindness that turned this garbage man into a hero and a friend.

Frank's been impacted too.
He says he's now a better person and his Wednesday route is a little more special.

Diaz says, "There's more joy in it now, every Wednesday I look forward and I have Greysons' picture with me every day."