Flu outbreak 2013: 2013 flue season hitting the elderly especially hard, experts say

BALTIMORE - This year's flu season is hitting the elderly especially hard.

The CDC reports more elderly people have been hospitalized with the flu in recent weeks. And with this age group, it's important to act fast if you suspect the flu.

That's because the elderly are considered a high risk group, their weakened immune systems can often lead to serious complications, even death.

Health officials with the CDC urge elderly people to start an antiviral treatment as soon as they have flu symptoms.

Treatment should begin within 48 hours to be most effective. There are two FDA approved antiviral treatments on the market, Tamiflu and Relenza.

Some pharmacies are reporting a shortage in antiviral treatments because so many people with the flu are requesting it.

If you need it, you should call ahead to make sure your pharmacy is stocked.

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