'Frankenfish' video, photo: 'Fishzilla' Snakehead fish invading Central Park TODAY Show reports

It's a story that sounds like it was pulled from a bad sci-fi movie: Fishzilla is invading Central Park.

According to NBC News, environmental officials are planning to survey a Central Park lake this week to search for an invasive predator fish with sharp teeth that is threatening to disrupt the ecosystem.

The fish, nicknamed "Fishzilla," is actually known as the northern snakehead fish, which is native to China, Russia and Korea.

According to the NBC's TODAY Show, the fish has been spotted in Queens in recent years, and one was also seen in Harlem Meer several years ago.

The DEC says the snakehead is a predator that eats frogs, crayfish and other fish. Snakeheads can breathe air and live in very shallow water, or outside of water in damp conditions, for several days.

It is so disruptive that the state prohibits possession, sale and transport of the live fish and its eggs, NBC reports.

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