Dzhokhar A. Tsarnaev shootout video: Suspect wanted in Boston bombings involved in major shootout

Residents in Watertown, Massachusetts are hunkered down as an intense search is underway for one of two suspects in the Boston Marathon bombings.

Officials say police and two suspects exchanged gunfire and one was injured and later died.

NBC News reports the suspects in the Boston Marathon bombing case are brothers, aged 19 and 20.
The one still being sought is 19 year old Dzhokar Tsarnaev. He is a Cambridge resident with a Massachusetts drivers license.

"It was about 12:45, 12:50 when I heard a couple of gunshots, or what sounded like gunshots. I walked over carefully and then stood behind the walls and looked out my window and saw a couple of shooters between a Sedan and a black Mercedes Benz SUV and there were two shooters with handguns that were taking cover behind the SUV and they were shooting westward down my block, which is Laurel Street. And they were shooting which seemed 70 - 80 yards down towards Watertown police vehicles," said witness Andrew Kitzenberg.

Video of shootout below: Mobile:

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