Diesel fuel ends up in some Nebraska gas tanks

(KTIV) You've heard of pain at the gas pump. Usually it involves the price.

For a few drivers in Nebraska, it was the fuel itself that was the pain. This, after they discovered that, instead of fueling up with unleaded, they were actually pumping diesel into their vehicles.

Diane Stoural of Norfolk, Nebraska started her Labor Day with a trip to get groceries and then a stop at Reynoldson's Shell gas station to fill up her tank.

"And I notice there's a little bit of commotion but I didn't;'didn't think a lot about it so my car was one and so I put my gas in," she said.

What she didn't know was what she thought was gasoline was actually diesel. The owner of Reynoldson's Shell tells News 4 that by accident the company that delivers the gas, Central Transport Company of Norfolk, unknowingly filled the tank with diesel. The fuel, according to Reynoldson's Shell, originated at Nu Star, a gas pipeline company with operations north of Norfolk.