Desiree Cicero, John Weideman-Beal: Florida Cracker Day Rodeo DeLand festival nearly ends in tragedy

A bull trampled a woman at a central Florida rodeo on Saturday.

At the traditional "Cracker Day" event, spectators enter the ring and compete to remove a ribbon from a bull's horn.

The bull ran straight for Desiree Cicero and ran her over.

She was also grazed by a horn.

Another competitor, later identified as John Weideman-Beal, a U.S. Marine, jumped on top of her when the bull charged a second time.

Cicero says the man probably saved her life. "I couldn't believe it. If he wasn't there, that bull could've smashed my face in."

Cicero suffered a broken rib and deep bruises.

Weideman-Beal was not hurt.

WKMG/CNN contributed to this report

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