David Charles: Man sold stolen brains on eBay, Indianapolis police say

Brains taken from Indiana Medical History Museum

INDIANAPOLIS - An Indianapolis man was arrested on theft charges after admitting he stole jars of brain tissue and sold them online, police said.

David Charles, 21, of Indianapolis, told Metro police he broke into the Indiana Medical History Museum six times in 2013 and stole jars of human tissue, including human brains.

Officials were tipped off by a California man who bought six jars of brain matter online and realized they had been taken from the museum, according to the probable cause affidavit.

The San Diego, Calif., buyer said he paid $600, plus $70 for shipping, to purchase the six jars of tissue.

Charles was arrested Dec. 16 after agreeing to sell human tissue to an undercover officer.

Police said a detective met Charles in the parking lot of an Indianapolis Dairy Queen, and arranged to buy a duffle bag containing 20 jars of human tissue.

A pre-trial conference for Charles has been scheduled for Jan. 13.

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