Conservative groups 'disappointed' over same-sex marriage ruling in Utah

Salt Lake City (KUTV) -- Conservative groups are carping over a federal judge's ruling that essentially legalized gay marriage in the State of Utah.

"We're disappointed," Bill Duncan of the Sutherland Institute says the judge in this case went against the will of the Utah people, who voted overwhelmingly in support of traditional marriage, " we feel like this judge should have given more credence to vote of the people and trying to spend more time figuring out why they voted the way that they did."

Gayle Ruzicka of the conservative Eagle Forum says the "activist," judge created a spectacle, in which, political figures like Salt Lake City Mayor Ralph Becker and State Senator Jim Dabakis were eager to jump, " first of all the mayor is completely wrong in what he's doing, but we know this mayor and we know why he would do this," Ruzicka says of Mayor Becker. She continues with criticism of Dabakis, "the two of them should have more respect for the law; they both know exactly what was going on, they know an appeal was being filed and that they (Attorney General's office) were asking for a stay."

Ruzicka was also critical of the Attorney General's office, saying she doesn't understand why it took hours for the office to ask for a stay after the federal judge issued his ruling, "they knew it would happen. (ruling) I find it very incompetent that they (AG's office) didn't have it in place and ready to go," Ruzicka says.