Colton Harris-Moore, 'Barefoot Bandit,' gets flight education behind bars

SEATAC, Wash. (AP) - SEATAC, Wash. (AP) -- One of the world's most famous airplane thieves is getting an unlikely education behind bars. He's being tutored by a worker from the Boeing Co.

Colton Harris-Moore is the 21-year-old "Barefoot Bandit." He was arrested in 2010 after a theft spree that ended when he crashed a stolen plane in the Bahamas.

Last year, one of his lawyers met Boeing project manager Jonathan Standridge. He agreed to start mentoring Harris-Moore.

Standridge has visited Harris-Moore at least once a month since last spring, and they have wide-ranging discussions about aviation, books and second chances.

Standridge says nearly three decades ago, a Navy captain gave him a second chance when he was busted with drugs at boot camp.

He says Harris-Moore will pass on the favor when he gets out of prison.

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