Colorado flooding: 17 unaccounted for in Boulder County; 1 missing, 2 killed in devastating flooding

BOULDER, Colo. - Seventeen people are unaccounted for Friday morning in Boulder County, Boulder County spokesman James Burrus.

Two people were reportedly killed by the flooding in that county Thursday. One other was classified as missing.


The first death from the flooding was reported late Wednesday night in Jamestown, northwest of Boulder. Multiple buildings were reported to have collapsed in Jamestown and the person who died was trapped in one of the buildings.

The second confirmed death was an adult male found near Linden Road, in the north part of the county. The missing woman was riding in a car with the man found dead there.

"We know that we've lost lives. We anticipate that as the day goes on we may discover that we've lost others," County Sheriff Joe Pelle said Thursday morning.

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President Barack Obama signed an emergency order Thursday night, approving federal disaster aid for Boulder County.

The Town of Lyons was "isolated" by the flood waters and the sheriff said people were sheltering on higher ground in that area. A mandatory evacuation was issued for the Town of Jamestown.

The City of Boulder's city manager has signed and issued a local disaster and emergency declaration. The Governor also signed his own disaster declaration and said he was working to put a declaration on the President's desk through FEMA.

The Boulder County Office of Emergency Management reported that approximately 40 buildings at CU Boulder -- 25 percent of the campus -- have water damage. The campus will remain closed through at least Thursday and Friday.

Thirteen students from dorm rooms in two residence halls have been displaced because their rooms have flooded, said CU spokesman Bronson Hilliard. They will be put up in other areas of campus housing.

"Indications are right now that the water damage in those is so severe that it could be two-to-three weeks before we can return those students to their specific rooms in those residence halls," Hilliard said.

Some 350 people in Family Housing apartments were evacuated because those structures are so close to Boulder Creek. That's revised downward from an earlier estimate of up to 500.

Some of the residents are sheltering with friends or family. Others were moved to available units on upper floors.

"We've got reports of water in lower floors in dozens and dozens of buildings on campus," Hilliard said.

There are 50 people working to assess the damage throughout the campus, he said.

"In Leeds (School of Business), we've had some ceiling tiles that have come down, we have some water damage on the upper floors … I've heard some residence halls have an inch of water on the lower floors, but nobody displaced from those yet," Hilliard said.

Hilliard said there is minor damage to the library, theater, business building, and two research buildings. He said experts believe there is likely minor damage in nearly every campus building with a basement.

Boulder Creek runs through the CU Boulder campus.

Classes have been canceled thorugh Friday. Students and staff have been notified via text and email messages.

"I've never seen this because of rain. I was a student at CU Boulder in the 1980s, I've been associated with CU for a long time, I've never seen anything like it," Hilliard said.

CU plans to move forward with Saturday's football game against Fresno State as scheduled, although the team is practicing in the Kittredge Complex instead of on the flooded field.

Boulder Valley School District, St Vrain School District and Estes Park have also closed schools for Thursday. Coal Creek K-8, Narapa University and the Friends' School in Boulder will also be closed.

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