Christopher Jordan Dorner timeline for ex-LAPD officer wanted in double murder, cop shootings


A manhunt is under way for a former Los Angeles police officer accused of shooting three police officers -- killing one -- and slaying two other people in the past week.

Christopher Jordan Dorner, 33, had threatened to target law enforcement officers in retaliation for being fired more than four years ago, authorities say.

Here's a timeline of this case:

2005 to 2008: Dorner an LAPD officer

In a letter allegedly written by Dorner, he says he was relieved of his duties after he reported excessive force by a fellow police officer.

The letter was provided to CNN by an LAPD source after this week's manhunt began.

February 1: Dorner leaves Navy

For a period of time, Dorner was a U.S. Navy Reserve lieutenant who worked with river warfare units, among other assignments, according to Pentagon records. His last day in the Navy was February 1, according to the records.

Sunday: Two killed in Irvine

Two people -- Keith Lawrence and Monica Quan -- are killed in Irvine, California, while sitting in a vehicle, authorities say. Quan was the daughter of former LAPD officer Randal Quan, who, it is claimed in the letter, handled Dorner's termination appeal and bungled it.

Wednesday: Dorner named suspect, allegedly makes threats

Authorities name Dorner a suspect in the Irvine killings. Authorities say he issued a "multipage manifesto" allegedly implicating himself in the slayings and complaining of his treatment in the LAPD.

Police say Dorner has made violent threats against Los Angeles police officers.

Thursday, about 12:30 a.m. PT: Officer shot in Corona

A Los Angeles police officer in Corona, California, is shot and slightly wounded early Thursday as the officer was exiting the freeway in that Riverside County town, according to Los Angeles police.

Police say they believe Dorner shot the officer, who authorities say was assigned to protect officers he allegedly threatened in the manifesto, according to LAPD Officer Tenesha Dobine.

Thursday, 1:30 a.m. PT: Officer killed, another shot in Riverside

Riverside police say two of its officers were shot in an ambush at an intersection. One dies, the other is taken to a hospital.

Dorner is named a suspect. Police learned of the shooting when a Good Samaritan picked up a police radio and made a distress call on behalf of the wounded officers, Riverside police said.

Thursday morning: Details of manifesto

An LAPD source gives CNN the manifesto that Dorner allegedly wrote.

In the letter, he allegedly threatened to use his Navy training to harm police officers involved in his case and their families.

"I will bring unconventional and asymmetrical warfare to those in LAPD uniform whether on or off duty," Dorner allegedly wrote.

The letter writer claimed he was terminated after he reported excessive force by a fellow officer, and said his attacks were retribution for his termination, as well as a culture of racism and violence he says continues within the department.

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