Chihuahua in plastic bag Facebook post leads to arrests

 (KOB) Few people still think Facebook posts are totally private, but it may be time to think of updates as evidence.

When James Engel and Mary Snell of Albuquerque posted a photo of an 8-week-old Chihuahua puppy in a Ziploc bag online, people reacted.

"I actually find that quite disturbing, personally, as an animal lover myself I would consider it animal abuse," Adriana Ortiz said.

One Facebook "friend" forwarded the picture to sheriff's deputies.

Authorities showed up at Snell's home and arrested her and her son, claiming that even though the bag was open, the dog's life was in danger.

"The way it was positioned in the bag it would only have taken a few seconds to suffocate," Sgt. Aaron Williamson of the Bernalillo County Sheriff's Office said.

The puppy is now with a family member deputies trusted to keep it safe.

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