Cat recovering from arrow attack; Officer arrested

(WOAI) If Bobby the cat had nine lives, he almost used up every single one of them. His punctured lung and broken leg are healing, after he was shot Tuesday by a neighbor armed with a crossbow and arrow.

Police say that neighbor happened to be off-duty Boerne, Texas police officer Lance DeLeon, who was arrested and charged with animal cruelty.

Bobby was reunited with his entire family for the first time Thursday afternoon.

"I didn't think we'd see him alive," said Natalie Brunner, whose eyes welled up with tears.

Brunner and her husband and children showered the cat with hugs and kisses. She was outside Tuesday evening and came to Bobby's rescue.

"I heard this swoosh noise, like a swish and I heard clawing at the back of our fence," Brunner explained. "I didn't see Bobby crest the fence. I saw an arrow and then it quickly disappeared."

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