Branden Mattier One Fund Boston arrest, man submitted $2 million claim on behalf of dead aunt

(CNN) -- Authorities arrested a Boston man who allegedly submitted a $2 million claim on behalf of his dead aunt to a fund designed to help victims of April's marathon bombings, Attorney General Martha Coakley said Tuesday.

Branden Mattier, 22, was arrested at his home Tuesday when an undercover state trooper presented him with a simulated check made out for $2.195 million. He was charged with attempted larceny over $250 and identity theft. In June, The One Fund Boston referred the matter to the attorney general's office after it suspected that Mattier's claim on behalf of his aunt, Onevia Bradley, was false.

"We allege that this defendant attempted to defraud The One Fund of more than $2 million," Coakley said. "Because every dollar was allocated to victims, he sought to take these funds away from real victims of the Marathon attack and from the thousands of people who had so generously given to help those who truly need it. We commend The One Fund for uncovering this and for referring it to our office for further investigation."

The One Fund Boston, a nonprofit created to benefit the victims of the Boston Marathon bombings, has begun distributing nearly $61 million to 232 eligible claimants, the fund said in a news release Saturday.

Payments will be issued beginning June 30 and represent 100% of all the money that was collected by the fund through June 26, the release said

At least 264 people were wounded and 3 were killed in the double bombings, which took place near the Boston marathon finish line on April 15.

To be considered for payment, those injured had to file claims. While it was not specified in the release, failure to do so could explain why about 30 of those injured are not included among the claimants.

Payments will be made to claimants in each of the four classifications of claims (categories A through D), according to the release.

Six people in Category A will each receive $2,195,000. This category includes loss of life and those who sustained double amputations of limbs or permanent brain damage.

Fourteen people in Category B will each receive $1,195,000. This category includes those who sustained a single amputation of a limb.

Sixty-nine people in Category C will each receive between $125,000 and $948,300. This category includes those who were physically injured and hospitalized for one or more nights and they will receive their payments determined by length of hospital stay.

The final category, D, will give 143 people $8,000 each. This category includes those who were physically injured but released without an overnight hospital stay.

"No amount of money can replace what has been lost," One Fund Boston Administrator Kenneth Feinberg said, "But (the tragedy) was made lighter by the unprecedented generosity of Bostonians, of Americans, and of people around the world."

The One Fund Boston was established by Boston Mayor Tom Menino and Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick.

The release states that the One Fund will use donations received after June 26 to continue to support the survivors and victims' families who have been most affected by the tragedy. No deadline has been established for donations.

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