Bluff collapse caught on video in Washington state

PORT TOWNSEND, WA - Charles Steurer and his girlfriend went for a walk on the beach in Washington state on Sunday and ended up being eyewitnesses to a natural wonder.

They were at the base of the bluffs when a section of the bluff began to crumble away. What they saw next was captured on video by the owner of the local newspaper.

"There was like a rumble in the ground, the earth just kind of gives way it kind of looks like a large body of water moving I suppose," said Steurer.

If anyone had been in the way, they would have have been buried. And for anyone owning houses up above, it's a reminder of how they live on the edge.

"Wow! Oh I had no idea there was still sliding going on," said resident Ken Long. "Well, I don't want to admit that to my insurance agent."

Long is one of many homeowners on the bluff who know the edge is drawing nearer all the time.

Despite clear warnings, Long sees plenty of people in the park next to his home, standing on the edge of the bluff.

The forces of nature are eating away at the soft sandy soil under the forest. Wind, rain and gravity gang up on the vulnerable spots.

The result is rarely seen in person and almost never caught on video.

Courtesy: KING, NBC News Channel