Baby Lisa Irwin: Baby Lisa's parents believe girl found in Greece may be their daughter

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - In an exclusive one-on-one interview with 41 Action News, Lisa Irwin's parents share why they believe the little girl found in Greece may be their daughter.

When Deborah Bradley first saw Maria's picture, she didn't see many similarities between her daughter and the little girl found in Greece.

Greek authorities found Maria with a couple in central Greece, during a drug investigation. DNA proved the couple was not Maria's parents. Medical tests show the girl is about five to six-years-old.

Lisa Irwin disappeared from her home in October of 2011. She was 10-months-old at the time. She will turn three on November 11. Even with the age difference, Bradley believes there's a chance Maria may be her little girl.

"I believe there is a huge possibility that it is her," said Bradley. "I try not to get my hopes up too much."

Bradley said the more she studied Maria's picture, the more convinced she became that the light blue eyes are Lisa's eyes. She also said the facial features resemble her daughter.

The other convincing factor for Bradley was Maria's height and weight. She said when Lisa disappeared, she was in the 95th percentile in height and weight.

"I looked up the average weight and height of a child who is in the 95th percentile at age three and it matched Maria's height and weight perfectly," Bradley said.

In the two years that Lisa has been missing, Bradley and Jeremy Irwin, Lisa's father, have received numerous tips. They investigated every missing child case involving a little blonde girl who resembled Lisa.

And they have been disappointed.

"It's kind of like Groundhog Day, you wake up and every day is the same without your baby," said Bradley, choking back tears. "You have to function and you have to maintain for her sake, so that we can continue to search for her."

Even if it's determined Maria is not their child, Lisa's parents say this case gives them hope.

Hope that more people will realize human trafficking is a problem and will help authorities keep an eye out for missing children.

"We also hope that this story, even if it's not Lisa, will open up eyes to everyone that human trafficking is real, it's not just in the movies," said Bradley. "It is an epidemic that is not talked about enough."

And most of all, Irwin said this case gives them hope that abducted children can be found.

"Sometimes there are happy endings, so hopefully they'll find out where the little Maria girl belongs and they'll get her back home," Irwin said.

Lisa's parents also believe the renewed interest in their case because of Maria is giving Lisa's picture more exposure and if, by chance, she is overseas, more people will know her story.

"All over the world, people know who she is," said Bradley. "So if she has made it overseas, even if Maria is not Lisa, I have a lot of hope that this will help find her over there."

But Bradley said, according to statistics, there's a better chance she is closer to home. She is asking everyone to keep their eyes open and call in any tips, even if it seems small or irrelevant.

"If you see a child who even remotely resembles Lisa, there's no such thing as a bad tip," Bradley said.

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