Asiana Airlines crash video: Flight 214 San Francisco Airport landing caught on camera

From across the bay, you can see the Boeing 777 on approach.

With another airplane sitting on an adjacent runway, everything appears normal.

Then, watch as the jet appears to impact the sea wall, knocking off the plane's tail.

That sends the plane whipping sideways across the runway until it comes to a stop.

The video was shot about a mile from the scene of the crash.

Passengers and crew members managed to climb or jump out of the plane while others slid down evacuation chutes, as flames ignited inside the aircraft.

Amazingly, 305 people survived the crash landing.

The Asiana Airlines crash killed two passengers and injured more than 180.

Investigators at NTSB headquarters in Washington have the flight data recorders.

An investigative team from South Korea arrived on Sunday to interview the pilots.