Arizona firefighters flag photo controversy: Picture of fallen firefighters leads to online debate

A powerful image from the scene where 19 firefighters in Arizona lost their lives has led to a big debate on social media.

The image shows 19 American flags that appear to be draped over body bags. The photograph, which has since been taken down, showed up on a tribute page for the fallen firefighters on Thursday.

No one knows who took it or who posted it. Prescott Fire Department officials told The Arizona Republic that the picture is authentic, but that it was not meant to be shared with the public.

Fire department officials would also like to find the person who made it public, according to The Arizona Republic. 

Many social media users called posting it insensitive and said the picture should have been kept private. Others, including a firefighter who left a comment under the picture, think the photograph respects the men who died. 

Click here to see the image:

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