Ariel Castro video: New images of suspected Cleveland kidnapper emerge

CLEVELAND - We're now getting a closer look at the home on Seymour Avenue that has become a crime scene.

A neighbor snapped revealing photos, just days after Ariel Castro was arrested for allegedly holding three women captive for a decade.

The images show a cluttered yard with chains, barbed wire, children's toys and plastic tarps.

One of the pictures shows a mirror hung outside. It appears to allow someone to see anyone coming up the driveway.

Castro is charged with four counts of kidnapping and three counts of rape. Last week, prosecutors announced the 52-year-old will likely face additional charges.

And in cellphone video taken a few months ago, according to the Today Show, Ariel Castro is seen playing bass in his kitchen just steps away from his captives.

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The web team contributed to this report.

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