Amanda Berry home: Ex-Cleveland captive returns to West 129th Street home

CLEVELAND - Amanda Berry has returned to her Cleveland home on West 129th Street Wednesday morning and chosen not to speak to the public.

Berry's sister Beth Serrano walked outside and spoke to the media.

"We are so happy to have Amanda home. We request privacy to recover. We appreciate all the media has done for us over the past years," Serrano said.

First District Commander Thomas McCartney laid out parameters for Berry's return, asking reporters and crews to stay on the sidewalk across the street from the family's home.

"Amanda is on the road to health today," said McCartney. "Amanda needs time for herself to get healthy and we need to respect that."

Berry returned to her home more than a decade after disappearing following work at the Burger King on Lorain Avenue and West 110th Street.

"Hope's alive today and our dreams have been answered," McCarthy said.

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