Adrianne Haslet-Davis: Boston bombing victim who lost leg says she will dance again, run marathon

Almost 200 people were injured in the Boston Marathon bombings.

Adrianne Haslet-Davis is one of them.

The ballroom dance instructor lost part of her leg in the second blast.

When the blast hit her last Monday, she said she remembers everything.

"I remember the first bomb going off and holding on to Adam, my husband, and thinking 'Oh my gosh, there's never just one' and I just knew that something was about to happen and I started screaming 'Oh no. Oh no,'" Davis said.

Davis said that's when the second bomb went off  directly in front of her.

"I remember falling backward because of the impact and falling into sort of a pretzel and then up with Adam and waking up and thinking that I was going to be okay because I didn't feel any pain," she said.

But she lost about 80-percent of the bone and muscle in her left ankle and foot in the blast and was bleeding profusely, doctors said.

Doctors couldn't save her foot and had to amputate.

She said she's feeling okay, but knows she's entering a new chapter of her life.

"I could either stay in bed and cry and be really upset -- and I do have moments of that -- or I can say 'I'm going to run the marathon next year," she said.

"I'm not a runner at all," she continued. "But I wasn't a ballroom dancer at one point in my life either."

Davis said she's also going to dance again.