Millions of dollars in unclaimed money with the State of Florida

Charlesetta and her husband Pastor Walter Lovett have plans to remodel their West Palm Beach church. Funding has been slow, until they were told by NewsChannel 5 that the state claims the church is entitled to one thousand dollars.

Pastor Lovett said the news was a blessing. "When I received a call from you concerning the money I was really excited about it and I felt it was a blessing from God."
NewsChannel 5 went through the names of hundreds of residents and businesses who have unclaimed money through the state. It's information we received from Chief Financial Officer, Jeff Atwater.




Anna Alexopoulos with the State of Florida Unclaimed Property department said, "There may have been old accounts that you had you may have had a deposit at a utility company and moved away and forgot to get your deposit back."

Palm Beach, Martin, Saint Lucie, Indian River and Okeechobee counties total more than 86 million dollars in unclaImed money-- 67-million of that in Palm Beach County alone.

We knocked on the doors of two dozen residential homes and businesses. Many had moved away or had gone of business.

The state says even if you move away, you may still have unclaimed dollars through their web site,

Alexopoulos said people are amazed when they see their name on the list. "There is a one in four chance if you go on there you will find something that either you or a family member has it."
Meanwhile the Lovetts say the extra cash will help renovate their church building. "Due to the economy the way it is now, there is a struggle for the churches now and mainly the black churches are really struggling. Here at 'In Time' we are not a mega church we are a small congregation. But we are being blessed."


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