'What Does the Fox Say?' Christmas lights display: Man choreographed 25,000 lights to 8 songs

TULSA -- Saturday night, hundreds of people parked around a home in South Tulsa to watch a Christmas lights display.

The display went viral this week on YouTube and forced the homeowner to make sure 2News doesn't give out his address. We can tell you the home is between South Yale and Sheridan off 111th Street.

Creator Jay Perkins choreographed 8 songs to 25,000 Christmas lights, including the popular song "What Does the Fox Say?"

He posted the the video on YouTube. It has more than 276,000 views.

Perkins started his behind the scenes work back in August. He put his first lights out the day after Halloween.

Mobile users view video here: http://bit.ly/1c6Wdcs

This is how it works. Jay puts a phrase into an app and it breaks down the phonetics. Then Jay converts that into a software program he invented.

For every one minute of music, he spends six hours of work.

"I'm afraid my neighbors will burn my house down. I'm glad they're (spectators) coming by because the kids really enjoy the show, but I hate to burden my neighbors" said Perkins.

Neighbor Mary Beth Ravanesi said "this is the first night we've had any honking. The Perkins are great and people are pretty respectful. My kids love it, and friends love it when they come over. We enjoy it."

Jay said surprisingly his electrical bill only increase about $10-$15 a month. He credits the cost savings to LED lights and the fact the lights don't continually run, just flash.

He has up to 75 extension cords and 30 controller boxes.

"I saw this video back in 2005 of someone who did it. Since I'm an electrical engineer and a software guy, I thought  'hey, that makes it a little funnier'." said Perkins.

Jay, who never head the song "What Does the Fox Say?" until a month ago, makes sure to leave every spectator with a message.

"I ask people to do a random act of kindness. That's what Christmas is all about. This is my gift to them".

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