YouTube shutting down April Fools prank video: 'YouTube's ready to select a winner' goes viral

In a video posted on the video sharing website, YouTube announced that they would be shutting down at midnight Sunday night.

In other words - they're getting a jump on April Fools Day, which is normally a big day for online pranksters!

The video is titled "YouTube's ready to select a winner" and includes a thank you for "all your great entries." It goes on to say that they will soon begin the process of selecting the best video - which will be announced in 2023!

Until then, the video from YouTube says they will not be accepting any more submissions.

The winner will apparently be awarded an MP3 player and $500 towards their next endeavor. They will also be the sole remaining video on YouTube.

The video features appearances by YouTube stars like Antoine Dodson and Charlie and Harry of the "Charlie Bit My Finger video." 

It was created with the help of the people at The Onion Labs. They're the people behind the satirical news website The Onion.


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