Will Ferrell as Ron Burgundy joins local newscast KXNews in Minot, North Dakota

The cast of Anchorman 2 have been out promoting the highly-anticipated sequel to 2004's Anchorman.

Will Ferrell made a special guest appearance co-anchoring a newscast (as his character Ron Burgundy) at KXNews in Minot, North Dakota on Friday night.

Burgundy read the news (thankfully there were no question marks in the wrong place on the tele-prompter) and exchanged small talk with his fellow newscasters during the broadcast.

Anchor Amber Schatz was able to keep a straight face most of the time, even with Ferrell's Burgundy leaning in to mug to the camera while she was reading a story.

Watch the full newscast video here (NOTE: the video goes black during the commercial breaks).

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