Whale tail hit surfer video: Bishan Rajapakse struck on Bondi Beach, Australia

A curious surfer just barely survived a close encounter with a whale - off an Australian beach.

Bishan Rajapakse started his Sunday with a quiet surf -- and an amazing brush with nature, off Bondi Beach in suburban Sydney.

A huge southern right whale swam right up to him and other surfers, as onlookers watched from the shore.

But suddenly the happy encounter took an alarming turn.

The whale's giant tail knocked him from his board -- and unconscious.

"I was probably the closest person to it, and the whale came to the right of me, and then that's all I remember," Rajapakse said.

He was found face down in the water, before being rescued by fellow surfers and lifeguards.

The 38-year-old emergency doctor found himself in the emergency room this time. He suffered from shoulder pain and a possible concussion.

Bishan says he now knows to keep a safer distance from whales in the future.